About Us

The Grands Bois

Joining our strengths and our passions by uniting a solid team that provides access to modern and spacious log homes that enrich experiences in nature. That’s the mission at The Grands Bois!

Our Story

A shared passion

Passionate about tourism and real estate, we had already been working for a few years on our respective condo and home renovation projects to provide access to spacious and affordable places to stay in.

When we saw one of our business partners build his first high-end log home that we had THE idea: join forces to provide the region with aw-inspiring accommodations.

Les Grands Bois is the junction between the luxury of modern architecture and the authenticity of the rustic side of nature. A project that brings together young entrepreneurs of the region with the goal of creating prestigious and warm rental places

Key Numbers

An experienced team

We know all about tourist accommodation! We combine years of experience hosting hundreds of guests, and we’ve truly mastered the art.

A team of 7 dedicated members

7 years of experience in tourist accommodation

More than 1,500 satisfied guests

Our team

A big family

Our team brings together the expertise of seven entrepreneurs from the worlds of business, real estate and marketing. It’s a collective that combines strengths acquired over years to provide you with impeccable service and tourist accommodation like you’ve never seen!


Our Values

People with big hearts



We work very hard to provide you with outstanding service and cottages that meet or exceed your expectations, and we do that while having the time of our life!



As the saying goes, everything that deserves to be done deserves to be done well. This is why the quality of our constructions and services is paramount to us.



On top of prioritizing quality, we pay great attention to each and every detail to make sure that each of your visits to our cottages is an unforgettable experience!



The very reason for the existence of The Grands Bois to celebrate the importance of coming together for small and big occasions. All the reasons are good to celebrate with family, friends or colleagues!



The Grands Bois is first and foremost a big family. We are proud to be able to help create lasting memories and to count you among our guests of honor.



With Les Grands Bois, we have innovated by combining rustic construction with modern interior design, and we will continue to distinguish ourselves by offering unparalleled service.


Ready to make a reservation?

Whether it’s to confirm the availability of our cottages, check out details before your stay or find out more about the activities available, feel free to contact us!

418-524-2463Discover our cottages


Frequently asked questions

Check-in is very straightforward: you open the door of the cottage by using the security code given to you after the booking. Whether via the smart lock or the secure key box, this code will allow you to easily open the front door.

Yes. Our cottages are all certified CITQ.

Yes, we use Airbnb to make the booking and payment process easier for everyone. Warranties, insurances, cancellation and refund policies are therefore directly managed on the booking platform.

We do favor carpooling, but it's not because of a lack of space! Several parking lots are available on site and in the adjacent street, so you feel free to bring all the motor vehicles you own, there won’t be any parking trouble!

Other than the spa at the Grands Bois cottage, there are no pools or waterfronts in our properties. You’ll have to get to the Massif du Sud park to enjoy their streams and rivers if you feel like cooling off.

Your reservation begins at 4:00 p.m., so you can arrive at any time from this point forward. Departure is scheduled for 11 a.m. To ensure smooth operation and an easy transition between bookings, it’s not possible to change the arrival and departure times.

No, each of our cottages has its own private common areas so that you can have fun in complete privacy!

This question may seem strange but it comes up quite often! Our dining rooms are equipped to accommodate large groups and the tables have enough seating for you to enjoy a good meal all together.

Unfortunately, the cell reception is far from being reliable in the area. But don't worry: you can stay connected thanks to the unlimited WiFi offered in each of the cottages.


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